Take a Look at Our Services

  • Online and Mobile Banking

    Access your CUPFCU account on your computer or mobile device. Simply log in to the credit union’s website from your device and choose Mobile Banking from the banner on the home page. Log in to access your account!
    Access Home Banking
    Access Mobile Banking

  • Wires

    you can wire funds out of your CUP FCU account by requesting a wire transfer. Simply fill out and sign the wire request form and return the form to us to process. There are timing constraints on wires, so you may wish to contact our office to find out when the wire will be sent out and what the associated fee will be.

  • Electronic Transfers

    We can assist you in getting up automatic transfers of funds within your CUP FCU accounts or to/from other financial institutions. Contact us for personal assistance in setting this up!

  • Loan Options

    We offer many different loan options and rates. From home equity to auto to RV loans, we can help you find a loan for whatever your needs are. We offer competitive rates that vary based on credit score. Check out our rates on our rates page and look at our loan options on our lending page.

  • Investments

    We also offer a range of different options for Certificates of deposit and other investments. The shares and certificate details and rates of return can be seen on our rates page

  • Checking and Savings

    We offer safe and reliable traditional checking and savings accounts. With FDIC insurance and very low fees, we are one of the best places to keep your money.

Who can join?

CUP Federal Credit Union was chartered in Utah in 1960 to service the employees of the Bureau of Reclamation working on the Central Utah Project.

Those eligible to join are employees and family members of the Bureau of Reclamation, Strawberry Water Users Association, South Utah Valley Electric Service District, Central Utah Water Conservancy District, Uintah Water Conservancy District, and other agencies that are housed in the Bureau of Reclamation Building.

Once you are a member of CUP Federal Credit Union, you are a member for life, regardless of where you work or live.

To enroll for membership, simply complete a membership enrollment form and either bring it into the office or mail it to us along with an opening deposit of $25.00. This will establish your membership and open your primary savings account with a $25.00 balance.

ID is required to open a new account. You can bring your ID with your membership form, or if you are mailing it in, simply send or fax a legible copy of your ID.

Once you are a member, you can enjoy the many benefits of membership! We offer nearly any type of loan, deposit accounts, IRAs, Savings Certificates of Deposit, Direct Deposit, Automatic payments, and so much more!

Our online banking service

We have a terrific home banking product that is very user-friendly, safe, and secure using state-of-the-art security features, so you can rest assured your information is safe and secure. Through home banking, you can access all of your accounts at CUP FCU, make payments, apply for a loan, transfer funds, order checks, retrieve your electronic statements, and much more! It’s easy to enroll by clicking on the home banking link on our home page and registering. It’s like having us at your fingertips!