Who Can Join?

CUP Federal Credit Union was chartered in Utah in 1960 to service the employees of the Bureau of Reclamation working on the Central Utah Project.

Those eligible to join are employees and family members of the Bureau of Reclamation, Strawberry Water Users Association, South Utah Valley Electric Service District, Central Utah Water Conservancy District, Uintah Water Conservancy District and other agencies that are housed in the Bureau of Reclamation Building.

Once you are a member of CUP Federal Credit Union, you are a member for life, regardless of where you work or live.

To enroll for membership, simply complete a membership enrollment form, and either bring it in to the office or mail it to us along with an opening deposit of $25.00. This will establish your membership and open your primary savings account with a $25.00 balance.

ID is required to open a new account. You can bring your ID with your membership form, or if you are mailing it in, simply send or fax a legible copy of your ID.

Once you are a member, you can enjoy the many benefits of membership! We offer nearly any type of loan, deposit accounts, IRAs, Savings Certificates of Deposit, Direct Deposit, Automatic payments, and so much more!

Join today!