Electronic Services

Home Banking – we have a terrific home banking product that is very user friendly, safe and secure using state of the art security features so you can rest assured your information is safe and secure. Through home banking, you can access all of your accounts at CUP FCU, make payments, apply for a loan, transfer funds, order checks, retrieve your electronic statements, and much more! It’s easy to enroll by clicking on the home banking link on our home page and register. It’s like having us at your fingertips! Access Home Banking

Mobile Web Banking – Access your CUPFCU account on your mobile device. Simply login to the credit union’s website from your device and choose Mobile Banking from the banner on the home page. Log in to access your account!

Electronic Transfers – We can assist you in getting up automatic transfers of funds within your CUP FCU accounts, or to/from other financial institutions. Contact us for personal assistance in setting this up!

Wires you can wire funds out of your CUP FCU account by requesting a wire transfer. Simply fill out and sign the wire request form and return the form to us to process. there are timing constraints on wires, so you may wish to contact our office to find out when the wire will be sent out and what the associated fee will be.